How do I get started with VanGo?

We decided to write a comprehensive how-to guide that walks you through ALL of the steps of signing up for and using VanGo.

Let's get started! 👇


Part I: Setting up Your Account

Step 1: Download the VanGo App
To download the app, you can select the link to the App Store or Google Play! We're available on iPhone and Android.

Step 2: Register for an Account
Right when you download and open the VanGo app, you'll be able to register for an account. Important: You'll need to enable notification to receive notifications about your pick-ups and drop-offs. Then, fill in all of your information!

VanGo Registration Screen

Step 3: Set up your Family Profile
When you first open up your app, you'll head straight to the "Settings" tab. The first thing you'll do is fill in your personal profile by clicking on the "Edit profile info" button. That includes:

  • Your first and last name

  • Your phone number

  • Your location (e.g. Phoenix, AZ)

VanGo Registration Screen

Once everything is filled in, and you've pressed the "Save" button - this is what you'll see!

VanGo Registration Screen

Let's move onto the next step - adding your teen's profile. As part of your teen's profile, we'll ask for:

  • A photo (helps your driver recognize your teen) - this is optional, but recommended

  • Their first and last name

  • Their phone number (used by your driver to get in touch at the pick-up location) - this is optional, but *highly, highly* recommended

  • Their birthday (to ensure your teen meets our age minimum)

  • Confirmation that your teen meets our weight requirement

Payment Info Screen

Once you have everything filled in and press the "Save" button, we're back on the main screen. Adding in locations is next!

Children's Profile

To begin (and get a price quote) you'll need to enter at least two locations. Here, we've entered "School" as our first location, and "Home" as our second.

Current Locations

We have our two locations all set up, and can move onto payment. As noted, we only charge your card once your ride has been completed. Once you have your credit card information entered, press the "Save" button.

Credit Card Information

And... we're ready to rumble! All of our steps are completed, and now we're ready to request our first ride.

Part II: Requesting Rides on VanGo

Step 1: Choose your Pick-Up
To book our first ride, let's head over to the "Add Rides" section in the bottom navigation, on the left-hand side. Once we're here, we can select what kind of ride we're looking for.

You'll need to specify:

  • Your pick-up date

  • Your pick-up location (choose from one of the options you entered under your profile)

  • Your pick-up time

  • Wait time (how long your driver will wait at the pick-up location)

  • Passenger (who is getting picked up? You can select multiple passengers)

  • Pick-Up Instructions (what should the driver do when they arrive? Ring the doorbell, call a number, wait in the car?)

Here it is all filled out:

Putting in pick-up information

Step 2: Choose your Drop-Off
Now time for the drop off!

Current Locations

Step 3: Confirm Your Ride
Once we've selected the drop-off location, passenger, and any drop-off instructions, we're ready to see our trip summary and get a price estimate. Here we have the trip summarized - pick-up location, drop-off location, and fare estimate at the bottom. Does everything look good? Press "Request Ride" to get this request going.

Confirm Your Ride

Step 4: Wait for Driver to Accept
Our ride request went through, and now we just need to wait for a driver to accept it. Once a driver accepts the ride, you'll receive a push notification. (Note: make sure to have push notifications enabled!)

When you press "OK", you're taken to the schedule. Click on the date of your ride, and you'll see it listed out as "Pending." You can also click into the ride to review your ride details and instructions. Now, let's wait until someone accepts our ride!


Part III: Preparing for Your Ride

Step 1: See Your Driver
As soon as your ride has been accepted, you'll receive a push notification on your phone that your ride has been accepted. In case you miss it, you can view the status of your rides under the "Schedule" tab. As soon as your ride is accepted, it'll be marked as "Booked."

View Your Schedule

Great! Let's find out who our driver is. You can do that by clicking on the ride itself. Once inside, we can see more details at a glance about our driver, and our ride.

Driver Profile

Step 2: Pass Along Info To Your Teen
Here we have the ride details listed out, and can see information about our driver: Naima, who drives a black VW Jetta, with license plate AC1375. We can also click on Naima's name to learn more about her. Here we see Naima's picture, and more information about Naima's childcare experience.

Full Driver Profile

Prior to the ride, you can pass along Naima's picture, and vehicle information to your teen. Your teen will also receive a text message when 1) Naima is on her way to the pick-up location, and 2) when she's arrived at the pick-up location.

That will include Naima's name, photo, vehicle info, and contact information!


That's It!

Any questions? Shoot us a note anytime at! To sign up for VanGo, download our app on an iPhone or Android today.