Is there a carpool app for moms?

Parents spend a loooooot of time carpooling. Wouldn’t it be nice if an app allowed you to manage those carpools, or handled carpools for you entirely?

Let’s review the options!

  • Excel Spreadsheet: This is the one we hear most often! Excel is a trusty tool for planning, dividing, and conquering. Here’s the rundown: you mark out specific dates (for that month, quarter, or even the whole year), designate a driver to each date, specify the passengers, and note the pick-up / drop-off locations. To be honest, this option can get a little crazy. Schedules never stay the same, so there are things changing on a daily or weekly basis - switches end up happening, and that Excel spreadsheet can end up looking a bit crazy. But, it can work!

  • Apps That Facilitate Carpools: Luckily, there are a bunch of companies out there who recognize the need for organizing carpools, and have taken the initiative to get helping tools out there! This is going to be a more intuitive option than an Excel spreadsheet. It can note down all of your pick-up / drop-off details in an intuitive way, and make it easy to know when your turn to carpool is. Our favorite in this space is GoKid, and with the premium subscription you can get useful features like notifications / reminders, and calendar syncing.

  • Apps That Carpool For You: And finally, there’s the option where you can have someone else step in for your carpool entirely! With an app like VanGo, you get the peace of mind of moms driving (over 85% of our drivers are moms!) with the convenience of not spending 1-2 hours in your car as you drive around town. VanGo allows you to put in separate pick-up and drop-off locations - let’s say there’s one pick-up from school, but two separate drop-offs.There is no additional charge for additional passengers - so if you have four teens in the car who all live close to one another, it could be as low as $5 per passenger. To get a carpool going with your friends, the first thing to do is download the VanGo app. You can do that on an iPhone or on an Android.

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