How do I track my teen's ride?

We've built out our product to keep you updated every step of the way! Here's how:

  • If you're outside of the app and have push notifications enabled, you'll receive a notification at every step listed below.

  • If you're already inside the VanGo app, you can click on the ride directly (click on the Schedule tab, today's date, and click on your ride) to see the ride details.

So you have push notifications enabled, or you're inside the VanGo app. Now what? You'll be updated when:

  • Your driver is on her way! ✅ This means your driver has left her current location (e.g. home or work) and is on her way to the pick-up location. Your pre-teen / teen will receive a text about this as well.

  • Your driver has arrived! ✅ Your driver has arrived, and she is now waiting in the pick-up location. From that moment on, you can track your ride through the VanGo app (more details on that below). Your pre-teen / teen will receive a text about this as well.

  • Your driver has completed the pick up. ✅ Your driver has picked up your pre-teen / teen, and they are now on their way to the drop-off destination.

  • Your driver has completed the drop off. ✅ Your driver has just dropped off your pre-teen / teen at their drop-off destination, and the ride is now complete. (You will no longer be able to see your driver's location for her privacy.)

As for tracking the ride? At any point from the beginning of the ride to the very end, you'll be able to track your ride through the VanGo app. Just follow these steps:

  • Step 1: To track your ride, go into the "Schedule" tab on the VanGo parent app, click onto a specific date, and tap on the ride you want to track.

  • Step 2: As soon as the ride begins (when your driver has arrived at the pick-up location), you'll see a big "Track Your Ride" button right on the top of the screen. Click that button to see your ride in progress!

  • Note: Once the ride is over, the "Track Your Ride" button will disappear and the ride will stop tracking.

    VanGo Registration Screen


That's It!

Any questions? Shoot us a note anytime at! To sign up for VanGo, download our app on an iPhone or Android today.