We shop like you would

We’re a full-service grocery shopping and delivery platform, that thoughtfully and carefully shops for your family on a weekly basis.

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We shop just like you would, and pay special attention to:

  • Expiration dates

  • Quality of meat

  • Quality of produce

  •  Organic vs. conventional

  • Family allergies and / or dietary restrictions

Our aim is to provide you with the highest quality grocery shopping experience, while cutting down the amount of time it takes to put your order together every week.

With our ordering process you can:

  • Use previous orders as a starting point

  • Save item notes and instructions (e.g. “please pick green bananas”)

  • Have favorites added to your cart every week

  • Quick add your go-to recipes to your cart

  • Remember items for each member of the family

Your family works with a consistent set of two or three shoppers who get to know your family’s exact preferences over time.

To make sure you have the most flexibility with your order, you can:

  • Communicate live with your shopper

  • Pick and choose your substitutes

  • Add last minute items

We make sure that you’re getting the best quality items,
picked and handled with the same care and thought you would use for your family.
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